Our goal is to provide the personal, professional attention that every client deserves. The BCG people that you first meet are the people that will be assisting you ten years later. You will not have to explain your needs to a new person every couple of years. We want you to be our client!

Our Approach

A number of factors will determine your success in implementing a technology solution that helps you solve business problems and reach financial goals.  We utilize a five-phase process to achieve success.


From our first meeting, we strive to:
•  understand your business goals and needs,
•  ensure our implementation approach and business system represent the best solution to successfully meet those goals and needs, and
•  evaluate if both parties are willing to invest the time and effort to assure a win/win long-term relationship.

It is imperative that all parties involved are committed to your success.

Environment Preparation

A transaction intensive business and accounting system with many people inputting data and retrieving information is the true test of how well an IT environment is designed.   Before implementing this system, it is important to identify any problems with your current IT environment and determine necessary steps to correct them. Additional cost will thus be known upfront and risk reduced. A better organized, more predictable implementation is assured.

Implementation Plan

An implementation plan serves as the blueprint to keep the entire team focused on the end result – meeting your business goals and needs.

Utilizing Microsoft Project, your input, and our years of experience; we derive a plan that identifies the major components of the implementation process and incorporate them into an estimated timeline.

During the implementation planning meeting, we discuss the necessary implementation steps, the timing of these steps, who has primary responsibility, and who needs to be involved in each step.  We also discuss scheduling conflicts, capacity planning, a reporting process, and critical delivery dates.

The implementation plan documents the software modules to be installed, the necessary testing for each module, the parallel processes/tasks that need to occur, and the training plan for your staff. Successful project management starts with a good implementation plan.

Implementation and Training

Although the above three steps create a foundation for a success, the implementation is the critical process. It is dynamic with changes to the plan occurring as better approaches are considered and new requests are made. Throughout the implementation process, the project manager informs your team of the progress of the implementation and necessary changes. Should the scope of the project change, an Engagement Letter Amendment is prepared detailing agreed-upon changes.

An exit conference is held to review the implemented software solution in order to ensure all the important steps were completed to your satisfaction.

Ongoing Support and Training

We believe that to be truly successful, your new system must grow with your business over time.  Just as the needs and goals of your organization will change, your business systems must evolve to help you meet those changing needs and help you pursue your new goals.

We provide ongoing support and training on the system to assure that your employees can effectively use the system. We continue to assess how you use the system, how your business evolves, and how new technology and features can improve your business processes. Based on this continuing assessment, we make recommendations that improve productivity. Importantly, this support is provided by the same consultant that was the project manager of your implementation.