About Acumatica

Work from anywhere using only a web-browser

Acumatica is the first cloud ERP provider to give customers advanced financial features as well as their choice of deployment and licensing model. Acumatica can be customized like client-server software yet provides access from anywhere that is available from SaaS providers. Acumatica gives customers the choice to change their deployment, their licensing model, and their application logic even after the initial software purchase.

Acumatica is cloud enabled so it can scale to meet demanding workloads or shrink to meet demanding budgets. The solution can be purchased and installed in-house or purchased as a service (SaaS) running in the Microsoft Windows Azure datacenters.

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Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • Enterprise Class Features – mid-sized business pricing

Acumatica modules are integrated so your financials, inventory, purchases, sales orders, quotes, leads, customers, invoices, and reports are centrally managed and updated in real-time.

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Acumatica Advantages

  • The Cloud ERP

Acumatica is the first cloud ERP solution designed of mid-sized businesses with complex financial, operational , and reporting requirements. Unlike traditional accounting systems, Acumatica is web-based, so applications look and perform like desktop applications, yet they require no client software so they can be inexpensively maintained, centrally managed, and accessed from anywhere.

  • Flexible Licensing – SaaS or Traditional

Acumatica allows you to select a licensing model that meets your financial needs and switch between an on-premise or cloud-based deployment. With Acumatica you can change your licensing model, even after you customize and deploy your solution.

  • Work from Anywhere

Acumatica allows you to access real-time data, reports, and screens from any browser . Advanced access controls secure sensitive data so you can involve people inside and outside your organization.

Which Solution Should I Choose?

Guidelines for selecting a solution are provided below. Unlike other vendors, Acumatica allows you to switch if your needs change.